Growing your database from inside your venue

How important is database growth? The answer to this question should be a resounding “Very Important”. Adding new contacts to your database ensures that your marketing is reaching fresh eyes. It also counteracts the inevitable opt outs that occur with every campaign. The rate at which your database grows is a direct reflection of how successful business is. The two go hand in hand.

When it comes to database growth many people forget to focus their effort on the most obvious place, within the venue. It’s very simple, customers should be in your database. After all, customers are the ones who are coming in and spending their hard earned money with you. They are interested in hearing what’s on and the new specials. It is the customers sitting dining with you that will be the most likely to return because of a marketing push that you are doing. The patrons sitting in your venue at any given time are your demographic.

There are countless ways to capture the contact details of your customers whilst they are in venue. Methods range from a simple approach like a business card drop, to more tech savvy options, using WiFi connections and integrations. The most common methods of in venue data capture are:


Sign Up or Feedback Cards

This tried and true method is still a very popular method for capturing customers details while they are in venue. Using paper sign up cards is a quick and easy solution if you’re looking to implement data capture quickly. Just keep in mind that you will need to allocate a staff member to enter the data into a spreadsheet and then upload it into your MyGuestlist account.


iPad/Tablet Sign Ups

Due to the manual (and time consuming) task of adding the contact details to the database via paper sign ups, many MyGuestlist clients have turned to technology. Using the MyGuestlist form builder, clients are creating their own in venue sign up forms. They grab the hosted link, and load it up on an iPad or Tablet. As long as there is an active WiFi connection, contacts will instantly be added to the predetermined category within MyGuestlist.


In Venue Competitions

Adding a bit of excitement to regular trade tends to spice things up for your customers. Which is why many clients like to run competitions in venue. This option offers engagement and makes it easy to grow your database from within the venue.


WiFi Login

Now days, virtually every venue offers free WiFi as a value add to their customers. As such, many customers have started using this complimentary service as an opportunity to capture data. In exchange for accessing the free WiFi, customers provide their information. The data captured via this login page is then pushed via an integration directly into your MyGuestlist account.


Text to Database

Text to Database is another popular approach to capturing data in venue. Many clients utilise this method of data capture because it’s creative and unexpected. Customers send a SMS containing their details and are instantly added to the database. This option works really well for special promotions, lucky dip style competitions, or venues that attract a younger crowd.


If you don’t currently have an In Venue Data Capture method in place, you really need to focus your attention on implementing something as soon as possible. Every day you should aim to capture details from 20% of your dining customers. This will ensure that your database is growing significantly and with the right people’s details. If you have any questions about in venue data capture and would like to discuss what methods may work best for your venue, please contact us on 03 9999 2585.

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